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10 years

The Team Adrenaline workout is a purely "organic" outdoor group fitness program. No equipment or devices whatsoever, just the machine called the human body.

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Come join us and train your body the “organic” way; in the great outdoors, without the use of equipment, machines or devices!

Experience the power of group training in a confidence boosting environment. We are not a boot camp program. Team Adrenaline is open to anyone at any level of fitness. You will exercise and enjoy a level of energy generated from your accountability team, which will enable you to work at a higher level than you would typically achieve on your own. Guaranteed to be challenging and fun all while paying you back physical and emotional results.



Perhaps a large group exercise environment is not appropriate for you. Then try our private small group training, where you will benefit from 100% customized routines and instruction. 1 on 1 personalized coaching options available. Maximum of 4 participants per small group.


Regardless of where you live, you can have personal accountability to reach your wellness goals. Remote coaching clients receive 2 customized workouts per week, along with one 30 minute accountability phone call, which covers nutrition, goals, challenges and lifestyle behaviors.

“Michael Cherock of Pittsburgh, PA writes, “I’ve never used a coach before, let alone remotely. To me, it’s as if Paul is right there pushing you, working you, making you better and stronger. Some days I wish I could hide, but I can’t!”


Amy F

"Adrenaline was the kick in the pants I needed to take my fitness to the next level. It's challenging, both mentally and physically, but it's also addictive and I love the way it makes me feel after I take a class."


Brad M

Brad is a professional magician and illusionist. People ask him about getting in shape, "how did you do it? Was it magic?" His reply "no, it was Adrenaline."

Brad beforeBrad after