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10 years

The Team Adrenaline workout is a purely "organic" outdoor group fitness program. No equipment or devices whatsoever, just the machine called the human body.

Adina N.

Thanks Paul – for everything!

Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired - over the past year you have been part in helping me discover how important a healthier life is and what it means to find self confidence, self acceptance and what we have to be thankful for everyday.

GOD put you in my life when I needed it most and for that I am eternally thankful. Don’t ever forget what you do for people – you give people their lives back!

Bethany G

“Adrenaline has helped me keep in shape for the last 5+ years. Through babies, marathon training and life in general. Paul works magic for athletes young and old!! So proud to stand behind how he dominates personal fitness!”

Kim R, Mother of 7 Under 11

"You'd think chasing 7 kids around would be enough of a workout but not compared to Team Adrenaline. Even a mom of 7 kids under eleven finds the time to come out twice a week...No excuses! I can now do more push-ups than my sons! ....I like the group setting, this is the kind of thing I would never do on my own. Better than 2 good workouts with my girlfriends.... I get stronger every time I go."

Shereth T

“Adrenaline enabled me to achieve my goal: lose the last 30 pounds of my desired 45 pounds. I also found a me that refuses to give up and insists on pushing to the next level.”