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10 years

The Team Adrenaline workout is a purely "organic" outdoor group fitness program. No equipment or devices whatsoever, just the machine called the human body.


Business to Consumer model:

Become a Team Adrenaline USA Certified Licensee and learn how to implement the successful strategies to grow a wellness business in your town or city!  Let us guide you to be in business for your self and become the wellness leader in your community that you have always dreamed of.

Business to Business model:

Become a Team Adrenaline USA Certified Workplace and learn how to incorporate Team Adrenaline's proven delivery system into your company's wellness offerings.  If you're serious about workplace wellness and creating a healthier (and more productive) workforce, then contact us!


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Dr. Steven D. Krauza
dr steven krauza sm

I have been a Team Adrenaline licensee since 2011. I am a chiropractor who has been in practice for 15 years. At the time I was introduced to Paul and Team Adrenaline, I was looking to add another lifestyle component to my practice. I had already incorporated other healthy lifestyle tools into my business, but was still missing one element. Team Adrenaline was that one element.

I practice in Northwest Pennsylvania. Winters are long and often brutal here. I have been able to grow and sustain a year round, outdoor fitness group for seven years. People will gladly exercise outdoors in feet of snow and zero degree temperatures!

My chiropractic business has grown in conjunction with Team Adrenaline. My patients often utilize Team Adrenaline. The people who come to Team Adrenaline who aren't patients eventually become patients. Team Adrenaline has funneled many new patients to my office who might not have ever heard of me otherwise.

Team Adrenaline is now a movement within my community. The sense of community within the workout group is amazing. We are changing the fitness culture in our community through our unique and different approach than the fitness industry norms.

Team Adrenaline has been a tremendous investment than continues to pay off in financial and intangible ways.

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Natalee Bolton
natalie bolton

Natalee’s love for fitness and competition began at an early age when she was introduced to the world of gymnastics. She competed through to a junior elite level through AGA/level 8 through USAG. After competing through her senior year of high school, she went on to coach and judge the sport.

Natalee is a native Texan, transported to Richmond, VA by her banking career in 2006. She picked up a love for running and outdoor exercise activities, and went on to complete numerous 5 & 10k’s, adventure races, a half marathon, and a sprint triathlon.

Natalee still resides in Richmond with her husband and two young boys. She has a love for the outdoors and all things exercise. She loves using the city and surrounding areas to explore new avenues of fitness, from the trails to the ski slopes, and the rock walls to the river, there is always a fitness adventure awaiting!

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Frances Walsh
frances walsh

Team Adrenaline USA is now in Denver, Colorado and I am very excited to be a part of it! I believe in fitness as a lifestyle. I am at my best when active and in the outdoors, and I love to train daily so I am prepared for all of the adventures waiting around the corner. Some highlights from my fitness/adventure background are as follows:

  • 200-Hour Classical Yoga Teacher (200-CYT)
  • Athletic Director for a K-12th grade school
  • Instructor for North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS)
  • 75-Day Alaska Expedition with National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  • Cross-country bike expedition with Bike & Build
  • Bike expedition through Chile and Patagonia
  • Multiple open water swims up to 10 miles in length

I view exercise as a way to have fun, connect with people and nature, and open the door to a lifetime of adventures. In addition, I have a very intimate understanding of the importance of cross-training and positive coaching to both prevent and recover from injury. I look forward to training with you in Denver and supporting you on your Team Adrenaline USA journey!

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