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10 years

The Team Adrenaline workout is a purely "organic" outdoor group fitness program. No equipment or devices whatsoever, just the machine called the human body.

Peyton W - Deep Run High School Varsity Wrestler

"When I enter a lacrosse game or a wrestling match, I know that I am more prepared mentally and physically which allows me to win!"

Avery O. - Clemson University Women's Soccer

"This was the only program I found that prepared me for collegiate sports."

Coach Shaver - Deep Run Wildcats club lacrosse, West Point graduate/lacrosse-father of 3 boys

"As a lacrosse coach and fan, the players that always seem to standout are those with explosive first steps and speed. After seeing the results of our players that are currently in Adrenaline and participating in a few sessions myself, I am convinced that this program can create the competitive edge so many of our players are looking for."

Tommy Greene | Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros

"Being an ex-MLB Player, I know the demands on the body that it takes to compete at the highest level. I wish I could have been exposed to this when I was their age. I would have been a lot better mentally and physically to compete. If you were to ask me, Should my son or daughter get involved in the program? My answer is an immediate 'yes'. It's going to make you a better athlete!"